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OpenQlik #1 Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia | Payroll Solutions | Payroll System is a marvelous procedure as a result of incalculable and statutory consistence necessities. You require a quiet game plan that is exact, totally arranged and extraordinarily secure.

OpenQlik best Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia no matter what. It’s unmatched in its straightforwardness and handles all parts of the fund methodology. OpenQlik additionally gives performance management software in Saudi Arabia.

Get remunerations out in not more than minutes instead of days! Settle the mystery, free the sadness.

  • Plan complex remuneration structures.
  • Incorporate vast pay sections.
  • Robotize reimbursements, credits, and advances.
  • Process finance with mechanized back information sources.
  • Create and fitting altered payslips.
  • All genuine bank trade electronic courses of action worked in.
  • Cluster savvy/bank-wise portion release.
  • Status tracker for cash and check portions.
  • The perfect online finance management for an autonomous organization.

The best nature of our #1 Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia | Payroll Solutions | Payroll System is its versatility and ability to manage a pay structure. We guarantee that your necessities will be greatly tended to. Not just that, OpenQlik Payroll software in Saudi Arabia steady consolidation with leave organization system and interest organization structure makes the movement less requesting for back specialists ensuring 100% exactness, huge time venture reserves, and exceedingly satisfied agents.

Picking the right  #1 Payroll Software in Saudi Arabia | Payroll Solutions | Payroll System can save your shot, attempts and augmentation benefit transforming into affiliation’s exceptional asset and your nearest sidekick. Discard spreadsheets and mechanize your back at this point! OpenQlik is giving cloud-based human asset administration (HRMS) HR Software in Saudi Arabia with unmistakable highlights like HR bots, HR examination, and HCM.


Payroll software helps you to create pay groups to categorize your employees and to map payroll policies according to country. You can outline the various elements (earnings & deductions) and labeled them against country based pay groups. Start, confirm and finalize the payroll process with just few clicks. You can create salary files for direct deposit, cheque or bank credits. Digital Signature Tool, which support


For perfect pay and tax calculation of employees’ payroll process gathers all basic employee data from HR system/ Self-service module. To ensure overtime payment and absence deduction payroll software has perfect integration with leave, time and attendance module.

Import features

You can easily import leave and overtime data into payroll software from third part system to ensure accurate payroll processing.

Loan Master

Loan master feature of payroll software enables you to monitor company’s loan policies, schedules, EMI and per month deduction details.

Benefits master

Benefits master allows you to keep record of insurance, medical and other benefits provided by company to employees. Recorded data helps HR to make deductions during pay process.

Tax Computations

Payroll software offers tax computation feature to maintain and use country based tax slabs, tax declarations, investments and exemptions for payroll processing purposes. Form16 (Part-B) and Form12BA can be generated.

Letter viewer

Letter viewer feature enables employees to get easy access to all organization letters, pay slips, tax declarations, offer, promotion and other letters. You can create pay slips in PDF format and can publish them on employee self-service portal.

All statutory payroll

Rapid access to all statutory payroll reports such as ESI, Form 16, and Form 20.

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